Every Day with Shri Mataji


Somebody told Me that he used to meditate for half-an-hour, but then somebody said that "Mother has said you should meditate for five minutes, ten minutes, so I stopped meditating for a longer period." So I said, "That's the minimum I said. The minimum you should meditate for is five minutes. That doesn't mean that you cannot meditate for half-an-hour." So you see that this is how people go on correcting each other. "Mother said so in 1975 or something." That should not be. This is again: you will become fundamentalists. That is what they do. They quote the Bible all the time or quote some book and create a fundamentalism. So that should not be done. It is better that you for yourself understand what is written, what is said and try to relate it to your wisdom. And then you will know. (27.02.1992)