Every Day with Shri Mataji


Some of the Sahaja Yogis grow very fast. Steadily, strongly, they achieve their principle of Shiva Tatwa. The first achievement shows that from inside they start getting detached. Now, detachment is not mental. It is not that we have to take to some sort of a sanyasa or we have to go to the Himalayas, give up our families and all that. But the detachment is within oneself. When that detachment starts working, the first sign is that we become joyous. We become happy. Now if you ask anyone, "Why are you unhappy?" he will talk about his wife, maybe his house, maybe his children, maybe his country, maybe society, whatever it is. So he gets absolutely upset or maybe very unhappy to see things happening around him. Now if he is a realized soul, this unhappiness is not going to help. What is needed is to know that you can correct all these ills of the society, of the family, of the whole country by transforming others, not by feeling bad. But while doing that, the main thing that you should have is a complete detachment. (26.02.1995)