Every Day with Shri Mataji


Around the heart there are seven auras which can be multiplied into any number, seven raised to the power of sixteen hundred, which are the ones which watch the seven chakras, raised to the power of sixteen thousand. Now this Spirit is watching through this aura. Watching – I am again saying "watching" through this aura. This aura is watching the behaviour of your seven centre in your brain. It is also watching all the nerves that are working in the brain – watching again. But when you bring the Spirit into your brain, then you go two steps ahead because when your Kundalini rises, She touches the Sadashiva and Sadashiva informs the Spirit – informs in the sense that She reflects in the Spirit. So that is the first state where the watching auras start communicating through your different chakras in the brain and integrating it (29.02.1984)