Every Day with Shri Mataji


Sahaja Yoga is the religion, no doubt. It is the universal religion that integrates all the religions, brings all the principles of religions together and shows the oneness. It integrates all the incarnations. It integrates all the scriptures. It is a very integrating, great religion, which we can call as the universal religion and in Hindi it is called as "Vishwa Dharma." Now, to make it more particular … this time, the incarnation being Nirmala, I thought we can call it the religion which is universal in the name of Nirmala. So to make it short, I thought we could call it "Universal Nirmala Religion." What do you say to that? You will all be called as Nirmalites. That means the one who has been enlightened by Nirmala... So we have now proclaimed and announced that this is a religion which is a pure universal religion. When you say, "Universal Nirmala," it means pure or immaculate religion. (19.01.1985)