Every Day with Shri Mataji


We have to meditate. You must find some time. Unless and until you meditate, you cannot grow in Sahaja Yoga – not only individually, but in collectivity. Then only you grow well. I do not know how to express My joy after seeing you all. It is such a surprise to see you all here. Any problems you have, you can tell on My photograph, then it will work out. You are very powerful people. You will be surprised how miracles work through you. Just assume your powers. Supposing we ask a person who thinks he is a beggar to sit on a throne, then he still begs. But forget it. You are now really sitting on the throne. Now you have become. So now you become the citizens of God's Kingdom. Just assert your powers.... You will develop confidence. Do not be afraid. Do not be shy. Just take a bandhan before doing. That is the protection. (1.07.1992)